The Revolution Will Be Advertised…

This post was written by Dave on April 28, 2009
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A minor coup this week, in a world were power is money and money is time and time is quickly running out.

Are you trying to run a national campaign on a shoestring?  Looking to change the minds of just about ever single person in Houses of Parliament, including the catering staff?  And do you need to get all this done by Monday afternoon, at the very, very latest?  Then look no further, my friend.  I think I’ve got the answer for you.

TFL, it transpires, will actually allow pretty much any old Tom, Dick or Harry to – for a modest fee – plaster their message across ticket barriers at any London Underground station you care to specify.

“Which station would you like to advertise at, sir?” 

“Erm…Westminster, please.”

And so, for the rock bottom price of just about £1,000 for the month running up to next Monday’s demo, just about every stubbornly racist MP – whose butt cheeks clench and 2nd home payments scream any time they so much as think of looking at the immigration debate rationally – are now forced to read our message first thing in the morning and last thing every night.  (Even if they do then proceed to ignore it for ever hour inbetween.)   



sic-barriers1Monday 4th May – Rally in Trafalgar Square to regularise illegal migrants


A recent study for the Mayor’s Office, conducted by the LSE, estimates that there are currently over half a million people living in the UK illegally – ‘irregular migrants’, without passports or a right to remain.  These people create problems.  They help create a huge black market in illegal working practices into which they then descend, undercutting legal workers in the process.  They pay no income tax, no national insurance tax, nor any other financial contribution to society at large.  And young children caught up in this mess undoubtedly suffer the most, be it from irregular schooling, poor living conditions and not even the vaguest semblance of precious stability.  

So far, so Daily Mail. 

But here’s the crux.  I actually totally agree with the Daily Mail on about 99.9% of its analysis of the problem.  And yes it is a “problem”.  But no, ‘send them back’ is not the gloriously simple answer these gloriously simple people seem to think it is. 

Forget the arguments from morality, of which there are very many.  The average cost of deportation from the UK for an illegal foreign national is £12,500 according to the Office for National Statistics (or £14,000 if you believe the Lib Dems.  But nobody does.  Hence their being in opposition.)  Thus, to ‘send back’ every one of ‘these people’ would cost a total of £6,250,000,000.  That’s a ridiculous amount of money!  We could have another war somewhere out of that!  Instead… how about we naturalise these people.  Those who have lived here for over five years and have made the UK their home from the shadows have fought longer and harder and dirtier hours for this privilege than any of us ever have had to.  The cost of this idea?  An approximate £1 billion net gain to Treasury according to IPPR.




I invite you all to be there.


Note:  further information available at If anyone would like to help steward the event in return for free access to the after party and a drink from yours truly please email:

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Reader Comments

Some very good arguments, but two points. 1) Doesn’t this allow the stubbornly racist, be they MPs or radical nationalist groups with a much more dangerous agenda, the same ease of advertising access? Rosa Parks would be turning in her grave if racist posters start turning up on busses everywhere. 2) I disagree with your approach to immigration as a problem. Whilst naturalisation is probably the only viable solution, taking that kind of language as a given, without challenging its implications, is a step back from the ideal of a world with open borders where people can flow as easily as capital. Of course this is an unrealistic position in the current climate, and of course one can’t seriously entertain the idea of providing freedom of entry for terrorists – but I think the nationstate, and nationhood itself, is declining in relevance in a modern globalised world. Nationalism is an ugly reaction to that, and the language of naturalisation, as important as it is in this context, legitimises that reaction.

Written By Salman Shaheen on April 28th, 2009 @ 1:58 pm

Excellent (although agree with Salman on open borders)

Written By jim jay on April 28th, 2009 @ 3:04 pm

I agree with Salman completely, but am intrigued to learn about the advertising possibilities of the ticket barriers, which could be a very effective device for organising on local issues. Thanks for the information.

Written By Julia on April 29th, 2009 @ 8:19 am
Will Brambley

I just want to echo the comments above – a great article and a great idea. I thoroughly agree.

Written By Will Brambley on May 27th, 2009 @ 3:00 am

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