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This post was written by Richard on April 18, 2011
Posted Under: Civil Liberties,Criminal Justice,Police,Racism/Fascism

On Saturday, a little bleary eyed from a party the night before, I went and marched with the Campaign for Justice for Smiley Culture.

Smiley Culture (born David Emmanuel) was a star before I was born. Half Guyanese, half Caribbean, Smiley became an early success story from the Afro-Caribbean music scene of South London. Pick up a CD compilation of British reggae and you’ll find his name on there. His music career didn’t bring riches though, and he became a businessman – apparently inspired by the wheeler dealers of the East End. However, just after his 48th birthday, Smiley was killed. During a police raid at his house in Surrey, he suffered a stab wound to the chest, and died.

The police claim that the knife wound was self-inflicted. However, as the Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum puts it: “Either you believe Smiley stabbed himself or that he was stabbed by one of the police officers present. Based on the testimonies of those that knew Smiley best coupled with the fact that he had everything to live for, [we] take the position that he was murdered by the police.” As do many others.

Smiley Culture, performing in 1985

I went on the demo because I was inspired by a post at Top Soil on why those arrested at Fortnum and Mason on March 26th (which include a number of my friends) should show solidarity with the Campaign, and also because I was involved with the G20 protests in 2009, and remember well the circumstances of Ian Tomlinson’s death.

Many of the marchers on Saturday were also there to protest against other deaths in police custody or at the hands of the police directly: Kingsley Burrell Brown, Julian Webster, Sean Rigg, Jean Charles de Menezes, Brian Douglas, Shiji Lapite, Derrek Bennet, Azelle Rodney, Terry Nicholas and many others.

The crowd was predominantly Afro-Caribbean, and when speakers referred to ‘the community’, my feeling was that it was that community which was meant. I don’t have a problem with this. I think it’s fine to feel like an outsider at someone else’s demo; if I’m marching in solidarity, it’s still powerful if I say ‘your community has this problem, and I want it to stop too, because in some small way, I understand.’ My experience of the police as a political activist has meant that I have known small sporadic moments of the state’s violent intrusion: still, nothing like the systematic violent hammering which many parts of London’s black community sustains, along with many other racial communities in London.

This isn’t the same as a knee-jerk response for ‘unity’. While it was an event that was open to all, certain communities were more represented than others: it was, as I said, a mainly Afro-Caribbean demo, and not one which visibly brought in the Somalian, Ghanaian, Nigerian communities, etc. Similarly, the Africanism did not overtly extend to those most revolutionary parts of North Africa at the moment: Libya, Egypt and Tunisia still remain firmly in ‘the middle east’ it seems. This is not a critique of diversity, but a move away from the bland catch-all term of unity, and instead a recognition that certain communities are at this moment engaged in certain struggles.

The demonstration was very different from any I have been on. The mood was at times celebratory, of the show of strength and determination – around 2,500 people gathered on Wandsworth Road and marched to New Scotland Yard – and also anger and passion. The pace was quick, and the placards weren’t resting on people’s shoulders but held out in front, and high. One I kept spotting said ‘CPS: Shame on you’ and another ‘Underpoliced as victims; overpoliced as citizens.’

As well as Socialist Worker placards, a banner from the Lambeth anti-cuts group and a small swarm of obligatory paper sellers from a range of far Left groups (all of whom had been building for this demo admirabley), there were also people selling the Whirlwind newspaper, the official publication of the Alkebulan Revivalist movement, and leaflets going round for the release of Mumia Abu Jamal. The stewards wore a mixture of plain fluorescent vests, as well as a fair few with PCS, RMT and TUC logos. There were also the unwelcome bright green tabards of Liberty volunteers, there (by their own account) to both watch the police, and to make notes of any demonstrators who veered off the permitted route.

The stewards were quite shouty – several times they stopped the crowd to ensure that everyone (including journalists) was behind the bereaved family members. But this wasn’t unwelcome. There was a sense that the crowd wanted to be firm and close, to be a force that could be reckoned with. When we passed underneath a steel bridge just before Vauxhall, the noise was deafening, as people shouted, hollered, whistled and yelped, all the noises echoing back down to the ground. Through all the noise you could, of course, still here the extraordinary thumping amps booming back at you, and beneath it all a strung out, eerie remix of ‘Give Peace A Chance.’

Music, aptly, formed the atmosphere. In 1984 Smiley brought out two records which both stormed the charts. The first of these was Cockney Translation, in which Smiley recounts the story of both cockney rhyming slang and Jamaican patois, all through his thick Caribbean accent. As we turned round Westminster Abbey, I could here it being played on a tiny amp, its bass being absorbed into the crowd along with the noise of honking cars. Alternating between the two slangs, and explaining what they mean only by reference to eachother, the song is a very conscious statement of London multiculturalism as a fact of life, and also a celebration of its working class texture.

As we moved towards Victoria, I progressively bumped into more friends from various political groups and movements, most of them young and white, there to show solidarity. We were also often the youngest adults in the crowd, as well as marked aside by our colour. At New Scotland Yard, the crowd funnelled into the narrow street, and I was privileged to hear some extraordinary speeches. Merlin Emmanuel, Smiley’s nephew, truly rallied and encouraged the crowd. He listed the five demands the family have made of the Metropolitan Police, including the immediate suspension of any officer who has someone die while in their custody, and the recognition of the partiality of the ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission.

Beyond these demands (for which a mass petition is being organised), there was a real feeling that more had to be done. Merlin shouted that we ‘will march everyday’ if that’s what it takes to stop the police from killing. Kingsley Burrell Brown’s sister, in an incredibly emotional and fiercely angry speech shouted near the end ‘Brixton police station, I’m coming for you’. And you could tell she meant it, with us or on her own. When Merlin mentioned the Brixton riots of ten years back, he immediately compared those fires to a more important fire that burns now, ‘a spiritual fire’. At this parts of the crowd shouted and cheered in a way which reminded me of the centrality and important of Christianity in the lives of so many people there.

But, in the end, I think it isn’t the church or the petition which will be the face and future of this campaign. I wonder whether the public face of this struggle will actually come out through the music. There is also a concert being organised, announced at the rally – an announcement followed by the DJ putting on Smiley Culture’s second big hit of 1984 – Police Officer. The story of Smiley getting stopped by the police and them taking his weed – and partly letting him off for being such a great reggae musician – is as upbeat as it gets, even while masking the continuing narrative or racial harassment by the police, then and now.

It was clear that this wasn’t just a march for a murdered reggae star. It was a demonstration of strength against the continued killings by the police against our population. I sincerely hope that there will be further demonstrations, and I urge others to help build for them when they can. While the left focuses so much of its energies on resisting the cuts, it’s vital to remember that for many people there is little difference between the attitude of the state now and two years ago – or twenty years ago, or fifty years ago.

(ammended Tuesday 19th April).

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Reader Comments


Excellent post Richard, I wasn’t there but you give a really good sense of what it was like. Opens up some questions about the composition of the anti-cuts movement and what needs to be done to make it better reflect the people who will be most affected by the cuts. I remember while propagandising for the 26th I met a young Muslim guy who was sympathic to the cause, was in a union but said he wasn’t ‘the marching type’. Yet despite that he had been on marches, all of them alng the limes of “free X” and against police brutality. It seems there might be a sense that marching against the police is ‘not political’, it’s just somethin borne out f day to day experience of subjugation, but obviously it’s a complicated phenomenon.

On Smiley Culture: He didn’t only celebrated diversity but that specific blend of cockney and yardboy has been the paradigm of British urban culture since! It’s that mashup of influence that has made British dance music pretty mch the best in the world for the last 20 years. It’s an outrage that while immigration has ensured the continuing and growing vitality of culture in this ageing country, the state still treats immigrant communities like shit.

Written By Dom on April 18th, 2011 @ 10:55 am
john p Ried

Comparing poor Jean Charles Demenez who was shot in the head for being mistaken as a suicide bomber who had failed to blow up people hours earlier in the wake of 52 people bieng murdered by colleagues the previous week , with David Emmanuel who was in debt to Drug dealers and Stabbed himelf while making a cup of tea after Police were searching his house for Drugs, To which he was due in court for dealing that week, Derek Bennet was lawfull ykileld afte rhe had grabbe dhold of a woman hostage and used her body to shelt er himslef form polce as he tried to drag her backwards through a door in a drug deal that went wrong and was hold ing a cigarette lighter that looked like a gun ,that he refused to put down and was waving it, threatening to shoot people ,he was lawfully killed and even Lee Jasper said it was lawful, Julian websters death while biegn held oustide a pub when drinking was’nt even due to polce prescence and Brian Douglas death was legal, Why has there only been one deaht for the 1000 deaths in custody since 1969 ,because only 13 have been unlawful and One was the Death of Chris Alder who the judge coudn’t determine which one of the police who arrested alder didn’t put him in the recovery position when he passed out after beigng drunk.

It appears that Smiley culture commited suicide ,the police don’t have to handcuff someone when they search their home
if drugs were legal then culture wouldn’t have had his home raided fair enough but then he’d have had to pay tax ,there wouldn’t be such a high price for drugs as there rarity increases there price and he wouldn’t have been able to lead such an extravegant life , as such if he still wanted htat life style he would’nt have sold drugs , he’d have had to have found another illegal high income job selling other things illegal drugs , prostitutes?

harry stanley was lawfully killed and Joy gardners death was to do with Immigration office, JCm the judge let the jury come to the conclusion of an open verdict, roger sylvestor was lawfully killed too

Written By john p Ried on April 18th, 2011 @ 5:59 pm
Owen C

I don’t normally believe what people say about deaths in police custody if they can’t spell.

Written By Owen C on April 19th, 2011 @ 8:52 pm

and you believe about deaths in custody if they can spell?
the police used the media to build up a flase image of Colin stagg from the Day of Rachel Nickells murder, the media posted a look a like picture of a suspect proclaiming this was someone they wanted to speak to about the incident in the week after her death , making out that when they found him it was the person they wanted ,but stagg on the morning of the killing on hearing it had voluntarily, gone in, as he ‘d walked his dog there .

Written By john on April 19th, 2011 @ 8:59 pm

@John P Reid-you fail to mention in your analysis of Smiley Culture,that he was a highly respected business man as well as a performer and was for years….dealing in Gold and diamonds to mention but 2 commodities….

Smiley was a very intelligent guy who was not fooled by the powers that be as to what his rights were as a human being compared to those things which we are afforded the privilege to enjoy by a system that is very flawed

@Owen-I have spent most of my life in the company of people of colour-largely Afro-Caribbean peoples and have to say-Ive heard some silly things at times but never as silly as a comment-I dont usually believe someone if they cant spell….Go figure

This country is supposed to be a Christian country-yet they flagrantly show their own ignorance of Christianity by debating the issues of ridiculous matters like whether or not a Gay couple should be involved actively in priesthood…..I am not anti gay as such…Im tolerant of many things…but for example Christ himself would probably forgive a practicing gay person/couple with the same type of tender warning he gave Mary the adultress when she got caught out and was about to be stoned-saying who is more righteous in the crowd-you cast the first stone..however-he then turned to Mary and said-Woman go thy way and SIN NO MORE…The same New testaments are largely aimed at not committing fornication and its ridiculous to put someone at odds with this philosophy in charge of it, as opposed to being in the congregation being forgiven whilst instructed and taught by example change…Its a bit like putting someone who cant read in charge of the library.

Also and finally this is my country- Im born and bred here-but I have a lot of Afro Carribean influence-I try to pick the good from what I deem to be negative and live my life accordingly- but this article mentions Christian influence found in the carribean communities etc and its because they actually read the bible-and thats what makes them a formidable people.. and there fore subject to fear and the inevitable hatred from bodies like the police at times..(and thats one factor that might have added to the feeling of being an outsider by the author.)I think before you criticise anything you should be familiar with it-I would love to see my people educating themselves more in that department whether or not they agree with biblical policies at least they would understand what they are before trying to run churches in its name Id like to ask John P Reid where you get your information from that Smiley was in debt to drug dealers???Did you know him??

Written By Linda on April 20th, 2011 @ 2:17 am
John P reid

I didn’t know Smiley personally ,I’m friend with Mike Morrison who was in Double trouble and know Rebel MC’s wife, also i know So solid crew ,however tragic Smiley ended up there was a time when he was speicla, and yes I didn’t read that he was in debt into other drug lords in the Guardian so It might not be true, I take the point that the Public image of someone who’s been found to do wrong for one thing doens’t mean they are a nasty person for other things, or that if there’s a view the press create then their not neccesarily right, take for example When Stephen Lawrence was killed, There was a public outcry and there were people who the public saw as “not nice” as suspects, yet there’s not one iota of evedence that they did it, so the fact that the Public didn’t like their reputation doens’t mean they did it,who know’s they might have been really nice people, The guildford 4 shared a squat with IRA members and one was wnated for killing a cop in Ireland, but they were innocent they’ might have been really nice people but the public again saw the preception they were’nt nice people and went along with the fit up,

Remember the Guildford 4 had police put guns put to their heads when they signed their confessions and when they said this at the trial the police who put those guns to their heads denied it, Whether the Tottenham 3 should have been found on such weak evidence even alternatively if they had , had solicitors when they made there statements the tottenham3 never said they were forced to make their alleged “confessions” by the police In Silcotts case he either felt if he had said he had been put under duress for his statement the judge could reveal to the jury he was already a murderer, or alternatively he had said that the evidence against him was so weak he didn’t need to defend himself;

Written By John P reid on April 20th, 2011 @ 7:56 pm

Thank you for your reply.At this time -I do not have the inclination or energy to go into all the other cases you now mention,none, of which are relevant to Smiley and his legacy-however if you dont believe in all the other cases valididty or watever-you should be careful what you pick up and spread from other tabloids..all of whom have faced slander charges etc in the past…Smiley was not charge with murder-its altogether differnt and I dont understand or care why you are creating a mixup on that note -but you should show more would you like someone to spread around that your dearly departed owes money to drug barons—shame on you

Written By linda on April 21st, 2011 @ 12:34 am

fair enough it maybe offensive to his family thats it’s notproved he owed drug lords momey, it’s just as wrong for his family to come out with no evidence that he was murdered by racist police as in fact that their exploiting his tragicdeath to get browwnie points on his death and try to get away from the fact he was a drugf dealer by sayinghe was killed by racists and shame on those expolliting this, if you trhink i’m talking about things irrelevant so is dragging up the mcpherson reports findings which have since changed ,by saying it was racists.

Written By john on April 22nd, 2011 @ 3:08 pm

you know what John I never asked you who and who and who you know-thats irrelevant as is your opinion about people you dont know,and though you may or may not know some of these people-I feel theres gonna be a divide between you and them in regards to your accusations…tick tick

Written By Linda on April 22nd, 2011 @ 5:20 pm

from what I know of smiey Culture, he was a decent person, and however tragic his life ended, I wouldnt imagine he wouold have been happy with Lee jasper stiring up hatred And espoliting his death that is only resultring in unfounded anti white racism towards the white police who work in the area, tut tut

Written By john on April 23rd, 2011 @ 3:05 pm

Someone has to take the people through these legal marches-and Lee Jasper has stepped up,he led thousands of people through the streets without either incident or arrest,Mr Jasper has certain knowledge of law and goverment and in my opinion is currently the best person for the job,both he and Smileys nephew have beckoned repeatedly to the crowds to keep it civil and legal with a noble and rightful objective in view in relation to changing the law- anti police corruption

A.) that any police officer involved in the death of a civilian be immediately suspended from duty pending enquiry -if necessary trial and appropriate sentance or punishment..

B.)that the Ipcc-be not made up of ex-police officers or related organisations etc,but regular civilians so that no conflict of interest should arise..

C.)that any police officer who has someone die in his custody with no other witness should take a lie detector under oath..

D.)that any police officer when making arrest should be using mobile video device recording equipment so that if something goes wrong during arrest with the suspect that the evidence is irefutable

these are very reasonable demands and beneficial to police also where dispute arrises,certainly not the rantings of racist bullys-its not anti white John- and where you find evidence of that you must pinpoint and address that rationally…whether its Lee Jasper or anyone else,its about police brutality which I agree is not every officer-its about bad apples-and misapproriation of power..many of the young black people born and bred in this country have suffered bad experiences but this is not limited to young blacks-many white people have also suffered at the “bad apples” hands,in fact there have been 3 more death in custody since the march- all white- one even in my local vicinity which doesnt shock me sadly…more white people will also benefit from these change in law..there was a 20 year old white boy in a wheelchair at the march who gave a speech-I have a video of him with cerebral palsy being brutally dragged accross the concrete by police,….Ian Tomlinson was also mentioned at this march..You need to lighten up John….and consider the big picture in this and stop bitching..if you wanted to address Lee Jasper you can do so by responding to him on the comments area of the voice article post march ok.I dont see where he is stirring up hatred on a racial level as opposed to stirring up action against unjust policies and actions..and raising awareness of the fact that such injustices exist..this is not what taxpayers hand over their hard earned cash for at all.which cash is used to employ police officers..You would do well to study more John and criticise less!!

Written By Linda on April 24th, 2011 @ 3:41 am

Firtly as for handing over hard earned cash,Police pay tax too,
as for using mobile phones to film arrests, alot of arrests are on the spot and their is astruggle ,one minute a p.c can be Talking to someone next they are running or struggling. You say that the IPCC shouldn’t be made up of ex polce ,but they are experts surely same as you put it Jaspor is.
As for lie detectors they are unreliable, Do you want the Tottneham 3 or Birmingham 6 to take the lie detector test to confrim tehy are really innocent.
Regarding the polce beign suspended who had contact with Jaspor, Maybe if they were removed from front line duites,as its not as if they stabbed him.

The Lies Jaspor has come up with ,and the inciting and rousing of the crowds by saying that they’ll be more riots etc is disgracefull.

Ciny Butts of the MPA was in tears after Lee JAsper stoked up trobule at teh Recent GLA meeting, and JAsper was then comapirng the relations with Police and the local Balck community now to Brixton 81 and saying the tide was right next to having another riot, where 3000 polce were hopsitalised
as For the 3 White poeple dying in custody last week, Can’t really comment until the cases have come out, but it looks like one was suicide and the other had 2 previous prison sentences and there was a machne gun found after the other one was taken to hospital where there were no ambulance ndhtat was where he died
As for Ian Tomlinson, teh case is going on it will be decided by a jury was his death unlawful in 2 weeks time

the 20 yr od with Cerebal Palsy (jody MCintyre )is A stalinist ,Supporter of Islamic terrorism, harldy an unbias view, And as for judging both Black and White people judging the polce after suffering from a few Bd apples, well polce have suffered from Anti white racsits muderes Like P.C Blakelock and white people have killed cops and Lefty do gooders Like Mike Mansfield have got them off the hook, like Kenneth Noye killing John Fordham stabbing him 40 times and Mansfield getting him off by saying it was selfdefence
and In the Case of the Broadwater fram estate of the IRA they shileded the killers and held them up as heroes.

Written By John on April 24th, 2011 @ 9:36 am

You seem determine to argue-without any real valid Point John as is per usual of egotistical and unreasonable folk,and u talk about Jody McIntire as though the police had a right to treat him the way they did because of his point of view.why then didnt they pick on a more able bodied man who shared that view???the fact remains because many police are heavy handed bullies,,,-and its people like you who put more pressure on an organisation to deliver more heads than the known perpetrators of crime do in the name of white equality

stubborn people like you are a waste of time to debate with because you are more determined to score points than stick to the point…you talk about these incidents as if they were justified and legal…people like you are the real terrorists always spouting aggressive things from a very misinformed standpoint,,,Mr Merlin Emmanuel whilst seeking the truth and justice for his family has repeatedly informed the public-he does not view this incident as having been a racial one though ethniticity may have played a part.He also reiterates the FACT that all too often the law and policing swings in favour of rich and affluent-double standards John-if it werent for those very double standards-MR Culture would still be with us one way or another…

The fact that police pay tax does not set them above the law or give them a right to adopt the strategies they often do-remember John the death penalty was ruled out years ago in this country…no double standards-…murder is murder whether perpetrated by a cop or civilian…and the elected goverments make law not mob mentality

regarding mobile recording devices-undoubtedly there may be occasions blighted by the time response etc but technology being what it is today Im sure there are ways round that-even so for example there would have been no problem “switching on” in the cases of Smiley,and Kingsley Burrell Brown-and for the many times they could switch on in time whatever the practice would certainly be worth it…

also in the cases of the 3 men who died post the march-and if my information is correct none of these people were involved in the machine gun incident-in fact they were all drunk and disorderly type incidents,all seperate affairs or perhaps there was a fourth death that we dont know about yet.and I am not saying they were murders but may have been mishandled according to witnesses

you seem to have quite a facist point of view in terms of 2 of the men had done prison sentances already-should we disregard their deaths then because they been in trouble before? very flippant..and to accuse Jody of being a terrorist supporter is just sad-cos he dosent believe the British should be dropping bombs in certain areas-in fact if they were cleaning house here in our country minding their own business we likely would not have any problem with the Islamic militant groups…

Its very harsh and sad what happened to mr Keith Blakelock and I do sympathise with his family,and I am not justifing any killing,but lets not forget that that whole thing started over a local womans death namely Cynthia Jarret whilst executing a search warrant in relation to her son- you need to keep it real John.. in regards to that very matter I personally posted a note saying we pray there will be no more deaths of any civilian or Pc Blakelock style killings

For goodness sake John stop being a devils advocate and add something useful on your comments then instead of just stirring up whites to thinking they have something to gain from these killings,then, we might all get a better nights sleep..finally the police officer who killed Ian Tomlinson has admitted that he lied in relation to what really happened….vive la freedom-vive la peace and more power to pro life people of all colour

Written By Linda on April 24th, 2011 @ 1:39 pm

I don’t think the P.C who pushed Ian Tomlinson over lied, and It hasn’t been proved that HE killed him oether, AS for the Broadwater FARM Riot, Yes Cynthia jarrets dead was sd but it was a heart attack and That doens’t justify, Blakelocks decapitiation. Aree you really saying tha IF the police had’nt searched Smiley cultures house then he would’nt have been killed so it’s the polces fault for doing their job.

Regarding Jody Mcintyre m he saw a protest coming towards him the Police for Jody’s protection tried to move him yewt he refused to get out of his wheel chair and they had to turf him out and Lift him away, he then claims he was badly ahndled by the police and this hasn’t been proved, I never said that his opposition to Afghanistan was supproting terror But His supprot for HAmas is,
I odn’t think I support terror by trying to point out that the Likes of Jody lied

Regarding the 3 deaths in custody yes the one who had been in prison was drunk when he died ,but iut was regarding a violent attack that the polce wewre calle din the first place ,he was known to have had weapons and a machine gun was found.

Four different polce have been sent to prison for death by dangerous driving when htey’ve sped without their flashing lights on and knocked people over in the past year, Reagrding the 333 deaths in custody since 1998 only one has been proived illegal Chris Adlers and then the jury could’nt identify any one individual who had been the one who didn’t put him in the recovery position, so was directly responsibel for his death, Also Didn’t Jody mcintryre cause agrevated criminal damage via trepsass when he walked upto the top of Tory HQ on the storming in hte first riot.I’m not saying hte fact the recent deaths in custody that the people had previous convictions is any excuse if they’re deaths are turned out to be unlawful I’m jsut pointing out one of them the police were called as he was a known violent offender

I don’t think I’m a fascist but people who justify attacks on police are,

I even Heard George Galloway and ken Livingstone asying htere would still have been trhe 7/7 attacks had we not invaded Iraq and the Attacks on Israel By Palestine wuld have still ahppened if there wasn’t the wall seperating them,Remember the 7 day war.
Finally from me. People said the second Tomlinson died that Commisioner PAul Stephenson should have resigned and All Police should be ashamed of it.
I was a member of Labour in 1985,my party was associated with the Miners union, who’s members threw a brick of a bride killing a taximan on his way to work as his union weren’t on strike ,I was ashamed when no-one form the NUM criticised the death,and I was ashamed my labour party had Benrie Grant who funded the totenham youth club who collected petrol bombs to start fires, to lure firemen and police men into the estate and to kill them and when they did, no one for the labour party crticised Bernie Grant for saying it was good a racist murder took place,
I was ashamed of my Labour Party when Ken Livingstone invited members of sinn Fein/IRA who acted as politicians then killed 4000 people,and No one from Labour leadership criticised Livingstone not condeming the killers, So I feel that Bernie Grant should have resgined the second Blakelock was killed but Grant said that ‘if Black people aren’t allowed to stand for parlaiment they will find other ways of getting their views across( which Labours shaun Woodward asked him did he mean violence by that, too which Grant smiled) and I feel that Grants common law widow should give her pension money she gets from his estate to Blakelocks widow,
Similar after the death of taxi man David Wilkie in the miners strike,Scargill should have resigned and given any of his pension to Wilkies widow and that Livingstone should have resigned and given his pension to victims of the IRA,
Of course I was the exception in feeling ashamed ,all Labour members should have been,

Written By john on April 24th, 2011 @ 3:06 pm
John Smith

I’d bet my wages that regardless of the outcome this blog and other idiots will hold the police as wholly responsible.
Unless the investigation shows that Smiley was murdered by the police it will hailed as a corrupt investigation by biased investigators and the police, and a cover-up.

So for all the lefty, rent-a-cause anti-police protestors it’s a win-win situation.

The only people I have any sympathy for are Smiley’s family. I am sure they would rather have seen him alive to stand trial for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Written By John Smith on April 24th, 2011 @ 11:50 pm
John Smith

I am glad that you agree with Merlin Emmanuel that this shouldn’t be treated as racist. I am disappointed that you agree with him “the FACT that all too often the law and policing swings in favour of rich and affluent”

Given that the millionaire Smiley Culture lived in a half million pound house in a posh part of Surrey it would suggest that people are misrepresenting him in order to make some sort of political or anti-police point.

Written By John Smith on April 25th, 2011 @ 1:30 am

@John Smith sadly your being disappointed doesnt make it any less true.Smiley was a self made man…

Written By Linda on April 25th, 2011 @ 2:42 am

@John-U dont seem to have very much good to say for anybody except yourself and the police-and if the police officer who dragged Jody accross the concrete were just trying to get him out of harms way why didnt they just wheel him out of it-your attitude seems pro thuggery -if you dont do what your told you get a kicking..and everybody should use airfreshener and wash their hands after the loo but let me guess-your crap dont stink and you didnt touch anything… Im finished with you-your just an accuser blaming everybody else for their faults cos according to you John dosent have any….Oh by the way I am not anti police but you bet your life Im anti police brutality and corruption-and most of you money grabbing polititions stealing from the backbone of this country-take a hint-no need to publish another mispelt paragraph of accusationa how John never does any wrong…you go shut the door in some other poor persons face

Written By linda on April 25th, 2011 @ 2:55 am
Phil. Jody McIntyre is not telling the whole story

Jody had his Breaks on the wheel chair,so the Police couldn’t push him to safety.

Written By Phil. on April 25th, 2011 @ 9:13 am
John Smith

You can’t have it both ways – either the police are biased towards those with wealth and affluence as Merlin Emmanuel says (and you agree) or they are not.

Given that Smiley was a millionaire in a half million pound house in Surrey – I would say that is a fair bit of wealth and affluence there?
Or are you clinging to the projected ideal that Smiley was a “boy from the ghetto” that was murdered by the racist uniformed thugs, and overlooking the slight anomalies with that argument (- the house in Surrey, the massive income, the fact it was 4 detectives in suits that went to his house)

Still I am sure you will be happy to acknowledge that you will accept the outcome of the investigation – despite the fact it will almost certainly suggest that Smiley killed himself, and the detectives were guilty of nothing more than being far too lax and trusting with someone.

Written By John Smith on April 25th, 2011 @ 11:56 am

I got no more time for your egotistical evil psycho babble,John Smith and Reid are probably one and the same probably a paranoid self obssessed looney-and i now understand Owen a bit better-In your world John sadly theres no room for anybody else but yourself and your descisions what people are and aint,You are such a dunce,but people like you cant stop us no matter how long it takes -even the police will turn on you and not us-trying to make them part of your hush hush inhumane ideas-as long as you wont have to live by the standards you set for others-polititians like you use the police as there personal pawns but they are wising up too-I got no more to say to you and wont be replying any more so take your worst shot-you are a liar and a false witness and watever hell you create for others with your selfish attitude-I hope you end up live in it..and if they trusted Smiley so much why the hell were they searching his house-its you who cant have things both ways-Im not trying to@Phil why didnt they take the breaks off then-its not rocket science-I ve got the tape Phil of what happened

Written By Linda on April 25th, 2011 @ 1:49 pm

@Dom-Im happy you see some of the positives in all this mess and confusion-I love rap but would much rather see it being used in a more positive way more often,I love some of the diverse beats and melody but Im rarely impressed with rappers lyrics as opposed to the delivery of the lyrics…I look forward to -if we ever get there the day when music becomes the food of love and peace-and not a platform for war -and critisism.I think the author of this piece may have done his best but his Geography is a little off key, no need to say half Guyanese and half see Guyana is in the Carribean-its a bit like saying half British and half UK lol!! Got no more time for this blog now

Written By Linda on April 25th, 2011 @ 2:06 pm
John Smith

With respect Linda, ranting and resorting to ad hominem attacks whilst not actually addressing any of my points doesn’t actually strengthen any argument you are trying to make.
I take it the concept of detectives executing a search warrant and talking pleasantly to people whilst carrying out their job is something that you are not prepared to accept.
I’m not John Reid – my spelling is a bit better ;-)

Still Linda – as long as you keep that open mind and high standard of rational discussion that you have shown then at least you won’t run the risk of becoming the “paranoid self obsessed loony”, “dunce”, “liar” and “false witness” that you accuse me of being.

Written By John Smith on April 25th, 2011 @ 2:10 pm

@Dom-Im happy you see some of the positives in all this mess and confusion-I love rap but would much rather see it being used in a more positive way more often,I love some of the diverse beats and melody but Im rarely impressed with rappers lyrics as opposed to the delivery of the lyrics…I look forward to -if we ever get there the day when music becomes the food of love and peace-a joyous celebration,and not a platform for war -and critisism.I think the author of this piece may have done his best but his Geography is a little off key, no need to say half Guyanese and half see Guyana is in the Carribean-its a bit like saying half British and half UK lol!! Got no more time for this blog now but this-I am not anti police-God knows they have got a difficult task in dealing with the vast number of drugged up, joy-riders,an almost epidemic of domestic violence,a menacing sense of unrest in regards to the ongoing and aftermath of various war,many young men and women in the force do there job with a sense of pride and justice foremost in there intention and I personally bless them for that-I went to the march and in contrast one, police man smiled almost all the way on the flanks as he escorted the procession, another ones face mirrored the absolute helpless terror he felt as we turned into Scotland Yards forecourts-a clear sign of near hysteria by two men bravely doing their job….and that is not a negative critisism but an observation of fact,I have no intention of trying to dehumanise the people on either side of this story,but that certainly does not put any officer above the law,they need to remember that as in the case of one lad being commemorated by the march, who had been chased by the police for watever reason -many of these kids are terrified of the police and will run away and do things like plunge themself into a stream in sheer terror and confusion in a effort to escape the men they are outnumbered by and terrified of-my point is-is it really worth chasing a lad cos he has been suspected of some tiny thing like possibly having a marijuana ciggerette or having stole a pack of chewing gum?-He will undoutedly get caught out all too soon if not by the shopkeeper-by his mum who will not be best happy and endeavour to sort him out-or grow out of his foolishness

Written By Linda on April 25th, 2011 @ 3:36 pm

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