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Owen studied philosophy as well, but is on the whole less dismayed by it than Dan. A lifelong Guardian-reading North Londoner (with all that that entails), he’s currently employed as an admin peon with the NHS. Rumours that he can leap tall buildings in a single bound remain unsubstantiated.

Reuben. R is currently studying for a PHD in History. He is passionate about web 2.0, to the extent that he recently had a nightmare about Harry’s Place (true fact.) He is passionate about freedom, equality and Leonard Cohen. He is equally passionate in his denunciation of the countryside. He also makes music. He can be contacted at reuben@thethirdestate.net

Salman Shaheen is a journalist who writes for the New StatesmanLiberal Conspiracy and Left Foot Forward. He is a regular political commentator on TV and radio and has also written for the Guardian, Times of India, Red Pepper and New Internationalist. He studied Social & Political Sciences at Jesus College, Cambridge and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia and is working on a magic realist novel set in Bolivia during the Gas War.


To contact Reuben email reuben@thethirdestate.net